Big Country: Attack - 2029 Red Hots National and Harvest Lacrosse

With a nickname like "Big Country", you better be able to bring it...big time! Big Country is a 2029 attackman for Red Hots National and Harvest Lacrosse who does just that. Big shots, big plays, and a big time competitor!

We sat down with Big Country to learn more about his game, his goals for the upcoming year, and what areas of his game he's looking to improve.  We also got to learn some fun facts about Big Country.  Enjoy!

What are your lacrosse goals for the next year?

My goal is always to play as much as I can at top level tournaments and get better as an attackman. A specific goal would be to play in the championship game at the circuit. Last year my RedHots team took 3rd place and it was a fun experience.

What is your biggest achievement as a lacrosse player?

 My biggest achievement is that three years ago I only played two months out of the year for my town team, and now I play year round on top national level teams as a starting attack. My best memory would be coming thru for my team and scoring a goal to tie up a huge game and just seeing all of my teammates cheer and get hyped.

What is your biggest strength as a player?

My biggest strength as a player is playing under pressure. Whether it’s a few seconds left on the shot clock or needing a crucial goal, I love coming thru for my team.

 What is one area of your game you are working to improve?

 My dodging and footwork.

 Who is your lacrosse role model?

I started using the number 17 because that was my dads number and he also played attack. He’s always there to give me advice and teach me. I’m also really lucky to be coached by two of the best in the game, Josh Byrne & Dhane Smith. There are a lot of other pros and college players I admire and I like to take aspects of their skills and work it into my own style of play.

What are some fun facts that people might not know about you?

I get to be ballboy at Buffalo Bandits games.  Also, when the doctor told my parents I was a boy the first thing my mom said was “well I hope he loves lacrosse". Lastly, when I was five years old I was on life-sized posters all over Madison Square Garden and NYC as an “I ♥️ NY” model.


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