Congrats to 2029 Mooselax for their 2023 Prime Time Fall Challenge Championship! 🏆

 2029 Mooselax Triumphs at Prime Time Fall Challenge Championships

2029 Mooselax emerged victorious at the 2023 Prime Time Fall Challenge Championships, showcasing their prowess and determination throughout the tournament. The team's journey to victory began with a decisive 8-4 win against Primetime in the first round. They then faced Long Island Express Moran, securing a 5-2 victory and advancing to the championship game against Predators Lacrosse. In a thrilling finale, Mooselax clinched the championship title with a convincing 6-3 win.

Goalkeeping Excellence

Goalkeepers Kevin Howard and Chris Crillo were instrumental in Mooselax's success, delivering exceptional performances throughout the tournament. Their unwavering focus and agility prevented numerous scoring attempts, solidifying the team's defensive strength.

Offensive Prowess

Mooselax's offensive firepower was on full display, with Brennan McNally, Max Tittman, and Al Pehanick spearheading the team's scoring efforts. Their strategic maneuvering and precise shots consistently found the back of the net, contributing significantly to the team's victories.

Defensive Resilience

The team's defense proved to be a formidable force, consistently thwarting opponents' attacks. Their coordinated efforts and unwavering determination were crucial in maintaining Mooselax's lead throughout the tournament.

Overcoming Challenges

James Magnus scored a huge goal and played through an injury in the championship game. A post game visit to the medical center revealed James has fractured wrist and will be out the rest of the fall season. We wish James a speed recovery. Despite facing challenges with a key injury, securing ground balls and occasional dropped passes, Mooselax demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination. Their ability to adapt and overcome these obstacles was a testament to their strong team spirit and unwavering commitment to victory.

Faceoff Domination

Jack Reiser, Mooselax's faceoff specialist, played a pivotal role in the championship game, winning approximately 80% of faceoffs. His dominance in this crucial aspect of the game provided the team with valuable opportunities to control the tempo and initiate offensive plays.

Celebrating Victory

Mooselax's triumph at the Prime Time Fall Challenge Championships is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and unwavering passion for the sport. The team's cohesiveness, strategic gameplay, and ability to overcome challenges were instrumental in their success. Congratulations to Mooselax on their well-deserved victory!


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